Buy A Bump Gate Kit

If you’re on acreage or a farm, have you ever considered giving the gift of a Bump Gate kit to the woman in your life? You might be surprised to learn that some of the greatest fans of Bump Gates are women. In fact our sales data indicates that more women than men are buying Bump Gate kits (2021). And it’s often women who phone to make the initial inquiry and obtain information about Bump Gates. ‘Why is that?’ you might ask. There are several reasons:

Increasing numbers of women are involved in farming (34% of the Australian agriculture workforce in 2020), with women being 26% of the full time workforce and estimated to provide one third of all on-farm income (Swan 2020). These women want to save time and increase productivity by installing Bump Gate kits on strategic gates which are used every day.

Many other women living on properties are earning an off-farm income to supplement income from the farm. At the end of a long shift at work and a commute home, the last thing these women want to do is to get in and out of the car opening and closing a gate or two! Even more so if it’s in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, dust or snow storm or tropical downpour, or at night with the risk of stepping on a snake or being threatened by a bear (Canada and USA).

Another group of women living on rural properties includes older women who want to maintain their lifestyle living on the farm. Installing a Bump Gate helps them maintain their independence as they grow older and provides more security with their gate always closed.

So, think outside the box and give a Bump Gate kit to the woman in your life for an anniversary, Christmas, or any time of year, a gift that makes her life easier every day. Sometimes it’s the practical, thoughtful and considerate gift that is the most romantic. And if you’re the one installing the new Bump Gate, your thoughtfulness will be doubly appreciated!