Buy A Bump Gate Kit

Have you ever considered giving a gift of a Bump Gate to the woman in your life? You might be surprised to learn that some of the biggest fans of Bump Gates have been our female customers. And it’s usually women who phone to make the initial inquiry and obtain information about Bump Gates. ‘Why is that?’ you might ask. There are two main reasons:


Nowadays many women living on properties are frequently earning an income off the property to supplement farm income. Consequently, at the end of a long day at the office or workplace, getting in and out of the car to open and close a conventional gate (or two) to finally arrive home, is the last thing that anyone wants to be doing. Particularly if it is during a severe storm with the risk of falling tree branches or electricity wires, a snow or dust storm, tropical downpour, or after dusk with the risk of stepping in cow dung, on a venomous snake (Australia), or being threatened by an aggressive bear (North America).


One of the other reasons our female customers value the product is that at least 50% of the time they are the ones in the passenger seat expected to get out of the vehicle to open and close the gate/s!


Sure, the Bump Gate kit will need to be installed onto a suitable gate, but Bump Gates Australia’s fitting instructions have photos of each step and their staff are only a phone call away to assist an installer through the process.


So, think outside the box and give the woman in your life an unusual gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day or at any time of year, a gift that makes her life easier every day. You would be doing yourself a favour too. Sometimes it’s the practical, thoughtful and considerate gift that is the most romantic.