Buy A Bump Gate Kit

A customer on Salt Spring Island, off the west coast of Canada, started a bit of a trend in Bump Gates on the island. He enquired about a Bump Gate because deer were a nuisance in his neighbourhood.


Deer are not a common problem in Australia, but fortunately we had had several conversations with a Connecticut (USA) customer before and after he installed his Bump Gate. He wanted to exclude White Tail deer from his property because they carry Lyme disease and he was very happy that a Bump Gate did the trick for him. So we knew that Bump Gates could be used to keep out these pests.


After helping the Salt Spring Island resident work out how to modify his existing gate to stop deer jumping it, he fitted a Bump Gate kit to his gate and was very satisfied with the results. It also made life easier not having to get in and out of vehicles during the wild storms they have over there. Naturally other residents who had the same problems with deer, spotted his Bump Gate and the word spread, resulting in inquiries and sales locally and to islands nearby. Bump Gate kits have also been purchased by property owners in other areas of British Columbia.