Buy A Bump Gate Kit

Cattle Grids (Cattle Guards) have been used by graziers and ranchers on larger properties for many years to control movement of livestock. Although expensive and time-consuming to install, they are convenient as you can drive through gateways without have to get out of a vehicle to open or close gates – a real nuisance when there are several gates to drive through. What seems like a straightforward solution however is not necessarily the case.


Over the years that Bump Gates Australia has been in operation, I have personally spoken to many thousands of landholders and a considerable number have raised the issues they were finding with their cattle grids (guards). In addition to maintenance, a recurring theme has been problems with livestock managing to walk across or jump grids (guards) and escape. Other distressed landholders have found horses or cattle that have had the misfortune to break legs while attempting to cross a grid (guard).


Livestock escaping onto main roads and causing a serious car accident where lives are lost, is everybody’s worst nightmare. Having animals euthanized after breaking their legs in grids, is also a cruel and sad end.


The response to such incidents has been to install gates across the grids. This solution has worked to contain stock, but it has increased risk for landholders. A trip while walking onto the grid to open and close a gate has led to injuries such as broken ankles, broken legs and dislocated shoulders. Customers who have been in this predicament have purchased a Bump Gate kit to install onto the gate over the grid.


We encourage you to consider installing a Bump Gate in the first place as it is more effective and less costly than installing a cattle grid (guard). If you do have a gate over a grid though, it is well worthwhile adding a Bump Gate for everyone’s safety and convenience.