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Can Cattle Open Bump Gates?

By 10 February, 2022Uncategorised
how to prevent cattle from opening a Bump Gate

Landholders with livestock on their property naturally have concerns about whether cattle can open Bump Gates by simply rubbing against the Bump Arm. Although we can never say ‘never’, Bump Gates have five design features preventing cattle from opening them. If you want to keep cattle in the right paddock, it’s important that you make the most of these design features and double check your set-up is correct during installation:

1. Run the cable through the two centre holes of the Cable Bracket, so that the Bump Arm will have to be pushed almost all the way into the gate to release the Lockpin.

2. Make sure there’s some slack in the cable when your Bump Gate is in the closed position.

3. Have at least 25 mm of Lockpin in the Two-way Lock when the gate is closed

4. When the Bump Arm is activated, it moves in an arc instead of straight in

5. The rubber sleeve spins on the Bump Arm.

All these features combine to make it difficult for cattle to gain traction and open Bump Gates.

On rare occasions we have heard about an animal that is particularly clever and a persistent ‘escapologist’. If you have checked your installation setup is correct as described above and still have ongoing security concerns, we suggest attaching an electric energiser to the gate for at least several days. The few landholders who have needed to apply this strategy had good results.