Buy A Bump Gate Kit

Some time ago – we have been in business for over nineteen years now – we sold a Bump Gate kit to a lady in Oregon on the west coast of the United States. It had been purchased to make life easier for Ruth who was a grandmother who continued to live independently on the family ranch, along with other family members. Their Bump Gate had been working fine until someone managed to knock over one of the delay catch posts while doing some slashing on the tractor. Without the delay catch operating, the Bump Gate had opened too far in that direction and stretched the bottom offset hinge, preventing the gate from closing on that side.


This was the account I got when I phoned and spoke to Ruth to work out what was wrong with her Bump Gate and to supply the correct replacement parts and procedure to fix it. During our conversation it became apparent that there was another benefit to owning a Bump Gate in Oregon.


Having had the use of her gate for awhile, Ruth was keen to get it back working again ASAP as she did not want to have to get out at night to open and close her gate. When I said I understood, she promptly said “Well no you don’t.” When I asked her what she meant, she said that she was afraid of mountain lions and bears attacking her at night!!!

I was gobsmacked and didn’t know what to say. I mean we have plenty of diabolical killers down here; there’s probably more ways to die in Australia than anywhere else on earth. Just not by mountain lion or bears!


I sent Ruth the replacement parts and her son did the repairs to get her gate up and running again. Ruth was very grateful that she didn’t have to get out and open/close her gate at night and risk her life doing so.