Buy A Bump Gate Kit

Well, after 20 years manufacturing and marketing Bump Gates you would think we have heard it all. Not so. A recent customer on the South coast of NSW emailed us with some very nice things to say about the product.


When we called to follow up with him he explained that one of the reasons for his purchase was to keep the rabbits out. He had rabbit proofed the rest of his property but there was a weak spot around the gate. We were delighted that this was successful. It was the 3rd property that we knew of where the Bump Gate had been used to keep the pesky critters from eating them out of house and home.


Bump Gate on a hill overlooking mountains   Bump Gate arms fitted to gate


We were amazed when he told us that the other reason he wanted a Bump Gate was to keep the wombats out! Yep, Wombats. It has never been on our radar that there would be an issue for these cute creatures. We are still shaking our heads. Only in Australia!