Buy A Bump Gate Kit

Torquay, west of Melbourne in Victoria, is well known for its surf beaches, so it is the last place you would expect to be overrun by rabbits! One of our customers, a keen gardener, had gone to a lot of trouble rabbit-proof fencing his five-acre property at Torquay, but the rabbits were still getting in. They were sneaking in underneath his gate and making a mess of his garden.


rabbit-proof garden fence

The customer wanted to know if a Bump Gate would work in his situation, as they have been successful in keeping pets and livestock in, including small pets.  We explained what he could do to ensure it would keep out his troublesome four-legged visitors.


One part of the solution was to reduce the gap below his gate by fixing weld mesh to the bottom rail. The other was to move one of his posts to make the gap between the gate and the posts narrower than usual. This process involved a bit of work, but it was worth it in the end to close off this last point of access to the persistent rabbits and allow his garden to grow!

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